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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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today's corruption investigations of police officers and civilians in any way related to the arrests last friday of the county executive and his wife leslie? here's what senstein said. he says, they are all part of a series of related investigations. so make of it what you will. today, nine peopl in all were arrested. they appeared here at the u.s. courthouse in greenbelt. tonight they are held in custody. agents from the fbi and irs conducted a series of early morning raids executing search warrants and making arrests. this was thescene in laurel, maryland, at the home of prince george's county police sergeant richard delabrer is charged with conspiracy to commit extortion by interfering with commerce. the officers took payments from the owners of liquor stores.
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the two owners along with three other people in a conspiracy to tranort untax alcohol and cigarettes. if convicted, they could be sentenced to 20 years and forfeit prerty. >> this investigation has been ongoing for so time. it has been ajoint corroborative effort with the sxirs the prince george's police department who have been of tremendous assistance including the arrests today. >> reporter: the ekd since dietment charges two men. agent searched the hole of prince geoe's county police officers sinisa simic, arresting him and another man. conviction could result in a sentence of up to life in prison with a minimum ofive additional years of the gun charges. the u.s. attorney rod rosenstein says the police officers abused the public trust. >> the pole officers are given badges anduns to prevent crimes. the indictments in these cases
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lege that these three police officers used their badges and guns to commit crimes. in fact, the indictments charged these officers crossed a bright line fr catchingriminals to assisting criminals in committing serious criminal violations. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney says tse are ongoing investigations. he expects more charges and more arrested. we're live tonight at the u.s. courthouse in green belt, maryland. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. now to the other scandal in prince geoe's county. wearing an electronic monitoring device on his ankle, jack johnson was back in the office today after his arrest on friday. despite the distractions, johnson ac like it was business as usual. for that story, let's go to derrick live. >> reporr: he wouldn't talk about the ongoing probe in the corruption in the government or the arrest on friday or the charge that he faces on evidence
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destruction. hoirk did indicate on his first day back to work, he would d he go he could to make it seem like business as usual on the fifth floor of the county administration building. it was t first day back in the office for jack johnson since his arrest on friday. the terms of his release allow him to work and visit his lawyer and he can receive visitors at his home. >> my children are here. just had a whole lot of company visitors this weekend from neighbors and church folks and all prince george's. received probably more than a thousand telephone calls. and messages from all the churches. reminding me to stay strong. >> reporter: he gave no indicati of any intention tonight finish the remainder of his term which officially ends at noon on december 6.
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>> the citizens of prince george's county to know that i'm going to remain strong. i'm going to finish what i started. eight years ago. when we look at the county i thk it is much better off than it was when we got here. >> reporter: among the items on what's left of his agenda, some budget matters. >> spending affordability is just in. that report tells us how much money we'll have next year. with some variation because it has projections on the state expenditures. so i want to go in and look at that report and also look at expenses r next year. >> reporter: the county executive also indicated he wants to work on a blue prudent for the upcoming administration. we are live in upper marlboro, back to you. >>ll right, thank you. we are awaiting a press conference for the incoming county executive.
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th should be coming up in about five minute we will bring it to you live as soon as he gets to the microphone. two more charges have been dropped against ingmar guandique, the m on trial for the murder of chandra levy. that leaves two first-degree murder charges. guandique is accused of attacking levy as she jogged in rock creek park in 2001. closing aguments could begin as early as tomorrow. coming up tonight at 5:30, pat collins will join us live with the 911 call made when levy's remains were discovered. the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward fornformation leading to an arrest in the ootings outside the military facilities in norther virginia. there have been five shootings in all. two outside the marine corps museum. one outside the pentagon. two outside of military recruiting cente. they began in mid-october. all have been linked to the same weapon. fbi officials believe the
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shooter who has been shooting at the buildings may have been out late at night or early in the morning and may have had to explain an absence from work or from home. again, was shooting at the buildings. he didn't injure anyone. if you have any information, you're asked to call the fbi. well, now, to the rekins and donavan mcnabb. it is good to be donavan mcnabb today. for the next five years, apparently. he is facing the eagles tonight at fed-ex field. >> this is one monday he's liking. he is facing his old team but is back at his new home. dan and lindsay are live at fed-ex field. so much buzz out there, guys. >> how thing have changed in the last 45 minutes or so, we cannot y, well, you go, it is 15 days since the redskins' last play. all anybody wanted to talk about was whether donavan mcnabb will be here nt year. we can safely say he will be here next year.
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he signs a new five-yeardeal. >> $40 million of that is guaranteed. the bottom line is people didn't expect that would happen. a lot of folks are probably very surprised. mcnabb, of course, his extension has been a question with his organization. if the redskins would offer him more time and even me strange considering the drama he's alt with in the past 16 days. people did not eve know if the organization still had confidence in him. shanahan though and company do believe he is the quarterback of the future for is team. and earlier this week, mike shanahan expressed his confidence in him as well. we'll take it back to the studio right now. >> we're going back out to prince george's county where the incoming county executive is speaking publicbly the scandal for first te. >> i want you all to know that the incoming leadership of prince george's county remains committed to greatness.
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and to achieving that together. we remain focused on kitchen table issues of our residence. whether it is job growth, transit oriented development, new business opportunities, comprehensive health care improvement, and of course, a top-ranked school system. we have to make it happen and we will make it happen here. that is our focus. we are vigilant in keeping families in their mes, giving parents confidence in our public school system, providing residents with the opportunity to work and live in peace right near prince george's county. we will deliver a first class government, ready to expand on those opportunities and take full advantage of the resources that we have in the gray county.
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prince george's county remains the greatest jurisdictionor economic growth in this region. so deite the recent events, these are not sad days in prince george's county. unfortunate, s. but the alleged acts of the few in no way should deter direction of all prince george's county who are ready, eager, and i would say excited about the move to make this county, or to take this county from good to great. so today, i and those gathered here this evening stand with the people of prince george's county and advise you in saying, keep your head high. keep your focus on the path of greatness.
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onecember 10th, decembe 6 think, 2010, sorry, we will begin a newovernment tt will keep the promises that we made during the campaign to make what is a good county a truly great county. so i want to thank my colleague for coming out here today to stand beside me. god bless the people of prince george's county and thank you for coming today. thank you very much. my reaction is that the justice system will play out. my job and theob of those standing besides me here is to make sure that on december 6th, that we have a governme that serves the people of prince george's county that is as good as they deserve and which means it should be a great government.
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that's what we plan to do. the trantion is moving forward. we are looking at all positions and we're excited about the opportunity to serve the citizens of prince george's county. thank you. >> okay. there you have it. first comments three days after the arrest of his predecessor, incoming cnty executive baker out in front with stf around him, trying to boost the mood among employees. >> and reminding people he is loing ahead to december 6hen he takes over. we'll go back out to fed-ex field and daand lindsay. >> reporter: we're talking about the contract signed with donavan mcnabb. >> i think it is a great thing for him but people who were
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confed about how much confidence are wondering if it is another band-aid. i cannot wait tohear what the powers that be say about that. >> i can't wait toer what the guy who lived in philadelphia six or seven years, doug kammerer, got toatch him on a regular basis. >> i hope this sets the precedence for everybody coming from philadelphia to washington to sign a $40 million guaranteed salary. >> you signed yours a long time ago. >> that's true. it felt a little chilly out here. man, i wonder what he'll do with that money. >> maybe get some new ties. >> a lot of ways to spend t. guys? >> all right. i think you should tell doug to suit up them could use him on the offensive line out there. you know? protect him. still ahead, inside a duffle bag, investigators searching for the mother who abandoned her
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newborn baby girl outside of a church hours after she was born. the back lash is building over those controversial full body scanners in airport pat-downs. what the tsa is sang about the screening methods and your safety. and see the new multimillion-dollar an to help shore up the nation's capital. severe weather, something along the lines of a hurricane katrina ever happened here. with capital one bank's w checking with rewards,
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some passenger are calling it an invague sion of privacy. pat-downs are even more widespread. officers sometimes use the front of their hands in a more vigorous search and some passengers have complained. the tsa is defending its actions. >> reporter: there are privacy protections built in. the person who sees the image is not even at the gate where you go through it. >> we could be on a plane where somebody is prepared to blow themselves and us up unless there is such a pat-down. reporter: some organizations are calling for an opt-out day asking passenger not to go through the full body scanners the day before thanksgiving, which could slow down security.
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one of the business yift travel days of the year. fear that a 100-year flood could devastate much of downtown washington is prompting federal and city officials to construct a $5 million levy to hole back e water near washington monume. tom sherwood has a look at the plans. >> reporter: the summer of 2006. torrential rains flooded the irs headquarters and other buildings, displacing thousands of federal workers. they couldn't move back for six months. that flooding would be minor, compared to fears a 100-year potomac flood could devastate much of downtown d.c. the water filling the geraphic bowl that helps shape the area. >> the question is how bad can it get? kit get a lot worse than what we're planning to deal with here. clearly, there are absolutely huge storms that occurred maybe once every 500 years. >> reporter: federal and city officials monday moved to head off any calamity by planning to
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build the $5 million movable levy will it will span 17th street near constitution avenue. a wall that in the worst case cork hole back 19 feet of water rushing toward downtown. >> otherwise there wou be a massive amount of flooding toe ct a lot of property owners, businesses, people who own homes in that area. if anybody has ever been through a flooding event, that's the impact we're talking about. >> reporter: they plaed to use barriers and sandbags but federal rule after the devastation in new orleans radar more substantial plan. the year-long construction of the levy site could have a big imthat can on daily commuter traffic on 17thstreet. >> we're very sensitive to the fact this is a highly used roadway. we'll try minimize that disturbance. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4. washington. are you ready for some football? redskins fans are hoping for a big win tonight. >> so is dg kammerer as you saw.
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he is out at fed-ex field with the forecast. >> reporter: i haven't bn on the side line of a ga in a long time. the redskins against the eagles. how about that? the good news is if you're coming down to a game, it will be dry. it is a little on the chilly side. the humidity is way up. outside, take a look at that shot. not too bad. i'm looking straig up in the air and i see clear skies. and actually, the moon is out there. we do have a lot of clouds out there. the current temperature, 55 degrees. winds out o the northeast at seven miles per hour. it should not pact a game all that much. although the moisture could be a factor. 52 right now in frederick. 50 toward the baltimore area. we are going to see temperatures cool down but not nearly asool as it has been the past couple nights because we have that cloud cover and we have the potential for some rain. the system is moving in. it is back toward colorado. that that system has a lot of snow associated with it but closer to our area, we're looking at a system coming out of southeast. it will make its way into our region overnight tonight and
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into the day tomorrow. right now, on live digital doppler, not a lot going on. some rain toward richmond, danville. that's some very light shower activity. as we widen out, the first thing i'll show you, cool and cloudy. temperatures around 53 degree at game time. temperatures falling through the game but not all that much. it will be on the cool side as you step out this evening. as far as what we'll be dealing with over the next 12 hours, that system to our south and west will make its way toward the area. that will bri us rain overnight and into early tomorrow morning. and then a second round tomorrow afternoon as well. some areas could pick up about a half an inch of rain out of storm. the area of low pressure making its way toward the north. we won't see much in the way of warming. we will see men of cloud cover. the winds don't become a factor. wednesday, that system moved through. the winds will be gusting upwards of 15 to 20. that system moves out.
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it will be a quick one for us. we'll see the temperature into the 40s and 50s. mostly cloudy and cool. as we make our way through the morning hours, we'll see the temperature down a little bit. not all that much. 49 to 44 degrees. rain developing after midnight as we move through the day. 52 degrees. the rain could be moderate at times. here's the four day forecast showing the temperature a lot cooler than they've been the last couple days. we'll be into the 60s on wednday but then falling into the upper 50s to lower 50s during the day on friday. for the most part, tonight ll be a-okay as far as the game is concerned. i'll be back a little later on with that extended forecast. >> we've seen this before. the deer come head to head with civilization. under pressure tonight, the
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researchers pinpoint women with stressful jobs. and high mark for lunch. students are helping bring some healthier optio
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there is something surprising going on in school lunches these days. >> could it be they're healthy? doreen gentzler is here to explain. >> reporter: well, headed in that direct.
5:25 pm
it seem everywhere we go we're hearing about eating local, whole grains and organic juice. now this idea of eating fresh and healthy food can be found in an unexpected place. the school cafeteria. >> the fact that we get to grow our own food and see it grow and harvest it. >> reporter: the discovery garden at tc williams high school isn't just a place for student to learn about horticulture. it has become a source of food for the school cafeteria. >> this summer they had strawberries. they served them in the trays. >> they have rashes or if they have onions or any of tose things. that's what we get. we'll use that. whether a handful or a bucket fullwe will use in it our chef's salads every morning. >> reporter: this is part of a growing trend to make school lunch healthier and d.c. is leading the way. >> they are aiming to be ahead of the curb. if they come through with the
5:26 pm
goalthey've set for them, they'll be one of the most progressive, healthiest districts in the country. >> reporter: dietician strong is with the cmission for responsible medine which examines the state of school lunch program across the nation. in past years, the d.c. region would get mixed reviews. with some districts like d.c. public schools getting low mark. but strong says the 2010 and 2011 school year mark the start of big change in our area. >> i would say the d.c. region would get an "a." school are worng hard to make healthy changes. far as what we've seen, they're doing a great job. >> change include switching to whole grain, breads and rices. turning traditiona fries into sweet potato fries and more vegetarian options available. becky is theirector of food and nutritn services fr the alexandria city public schools. >> the issue has been funding. that's just the bottom line.
5:27 pm
we do need to have funding because fruits and vegetables cost money. >> reporter: then when the school recently switched to whole wheat bread, it cost t district an additional $75,000. to offer just one more fruit or vegetable would cost another $70,000. >>here are serious costs over the decision at you make. so that really is why i think some of us have lagged behind a little bit. >> reporter: but many students will tell you these healthy change are words the extra money. not just because it is better for their bodies but because the food actually tastes better, too. >> i personally enjoy the sandwich line. >> it is much healthier than middle school and elementary school. >> reporter: another big change th school year, at least locally, there is a new food service company for the d.c. public school. that that company revolutions foods says they're dedicated to not only making school lunches healthier but they try to get involved with nutrition
5:28 pm
education. an idea that makes a lot of sense, making school lunches healthier. it is an idea whose time has come. >> all they had to do was tweak it. th didn't have to throw everything away. it is costing more. >> making a little bigger investment as well. >> when we come back on news4 at 5:00, they lure you in with the promise of deep discounts. you might want to think twice before signingup for those store credit cards. at superior court in the chandra levy murder trialork the more felony charges against ingmar guandique dropped by the prosecutor. i'll have the story coming up. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home and cable doesn't? yes. -i read that. -i do know that.
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big developments in the chandra levy murder trial. prosecutors dropped even more charges against the accused killer. ingmar guandique. >> and jurors heard from another cell mate. it come on what could be the last day of testimony in this high profile tal. pat collins has the latest. >> reporter: when this whole thing got started, ingmar guandique was facing nine felony charges. look what they've dropped. threatening a witness, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice,
5:32 pm
attempted sexual assault, a murder charge linked to that alleged sex offense, attempted kidnapping, attempted robbery, and today we're left with two felony counts of murder. two me felony charges against ingmar guandique off the books. dropped. attempted kidnapping charge. dropped. tempte robbery charge. taken off the table because the statute of limitations has run out. left in play, two first-gree murder charges. this as another cell mate of guandique testifies. through a closed circuit television hook-up, jose says he was in jail with ingmar guandique in the big sandy 30s kentucky. he said he never heard him mention the namechandra levy. he said i didn't hear him say
5:33 pm
anything about what he was charged for. he was called to downer act another guandique cell mate called by the prosecution. morales testified that guandique coessed to him about the murder. 29-year-old ingmar guandique charged in the murder of chandra levy. the skeletal remains of the 21-year-old intern found in may in 2002. she had been missing forabout a year. today we obtaid the tape of the 911 call for help. made by this man, phil palmer. the man was walking hisog in rock creek park. the man who discovered chandra levy's body. >> my name i phil palmer. i'm at 4630 broad branch road. i was walk my dog in the woods this morning and i came across a human skull. >> are you sure? >> absolutely.
5:34 pm
i don't know anything else that look like it and that has fillings. >> that's true. >> yeah. i'll wait for somebody at the foot of the steps at 4630 at broad branch road. >> reporter: a little more about that cell mate who testified for the defense today. he is in the same gang as guandique and he doesn't speak spish which is pretty much all that guandique speaks. this case should go to the case tomoow. back to you. >> all right. a big day then. fairfax county police are looking for the mother of a newborn baby foundoutside a church this weekend. someone left this baby girl outside st. raymond's before early mass yet. she was wrapped in towel and lying inside a gym bag. doctors say she was healthy and born full term. the baby's mother may need some medical attention shelf probably did not see a doctor before
5:35 pm
giving birth. more on our top story. the fbi agents arrested nine ople this morning as part of a wide ranging criminal investigation in prince george's count. the fbi served warrants in prince george's and prince william unties as part of this probe. three of tho arrested are county police officers. they're identified as 45-year-old sergeant richard. chong chin kim and 25-year-old offir sinisa simic. indictments unsealed "today" show all niace various charges that include involvement in drugs, weapons and extortion. julie why you carey joins us live from the bark developments. >> reporter: these indictments, deeply disturbing news from the police department. they've been cooperating with federal agents. it was this department today that called in the three officers. what they found were fbi agents, waiting to arrest them. this is what the chief had to
5:36 pm
say a short time ago. >> i'm outraged at the disgraceful conduct demonstrated by three of our office here's tarnished our badge for their own greed andpersonal gainful it isunacceptable, unacceptable for these types of issues in this police department. >> reporter:he chief said the indictment of two of the officers will bring a full scale review of offduty employment of officers. that's because those officers were working for a liquor store owner providing security. but he is accused of also paying them to help him get his hands oun taxed cigarettes and liquor. irs police spent house inside the liquor stores, all owned by this man. the agents carted evidence to waiting vehicles. inside they filled boxes and tagged cases of beer and liquor.
5:37 pm
the indictment against him accuses him of pang two prince george's county police officers to lp h transport untaxed cigarettes and alcohol in virginia and maryland into his stores. sergeant richard delabrer and chong chin kim are charged with two other men. this saleman isn't surprised with the news. >> i believe it. it seems like he would do anything to make a buck. >> reporter: and this customer who didn't want to be identified said he always buys his cigarettes for well bel what he pays elsewhere. >> they give you a reasonable price. >> reporter: how much would cigarettes beere compared to somewhere else? >> like 45% off. >> reporter: similar raids were carried off around the county. and melhigh's stores are no stranger to trouble. authority shut hum down in 2007 after a series of violent
5:38 pm
incidents at or near the store. today investigator also converged on his $2.3 million home in clarksville maryland. they, too, spent hours inside the 10,000 square foot house. in all, investigators seek the forfeit you are of 25 properties, 13 vehies, and 84 bank accounts. all ofhem allegedly proceeds of the crimes or used in the crimes. and all three offices are suspended witht pay pending the outcome of the criminal case. >> all right. thank you, julie. fed-ex field will be packed for tonight's redskins game. >> thas where doug is with a look at the forecast for the game. if you're coming out here, make sure you dress on the warm side. it is chilly out here. lindsay czarniak was just here. she has her scarf. on she is ready to go. definitely on the chilly side. trust me. the cheerlders look like they're doing okay. temperature around the 50s and
5:39 pm
they'll stay there all way through the game. it will be rather chilly. let's look outside and show u the current temperatures around 55 degrees. it does not feel like 55 degrees. especially down here on the field. the winds are in the northeast. right now we're looking at cloudy to mostly skies. that's good news. it tells me that we ve not yet seen the bulk of those clouds from south and west. that southwest system is making its way toward the system. with some rain in southern virginia, that storm system will be a pretty big storm. it will produce about a half inch of rain. on the back side, produce some pretty big winds. it will be the rain by the time you get up tomorrow morning. the roadways will be wet. we can expect to see rain during the day. once again for tonight's game, i think it will be a-okay. the kickoff about 8:30 as the redskins take on the eagles right here. it is good to be sitting out here on the sidelines this evening. i wish, and i know i'm the weather man. i wish i would have brought another coat. >> we know do you weather.
5:40 pm
any predictions on the game tonight? >> reporter: i do have a prediction and i'm glad you asked. i came up with this earlier. i was saying in 1714, redskins. here's the deal with that. that means the defense really has to keep them. i'm going to let lindsay and dan stay on that. 17-14. write that down. >> we'll hold yo to that. coming up next, why your job could be taking a serious toll on yr health. >> plus, move over lassie. how the adorable dog saved a whole family and it wasn't even his own. and a man is hoping to slide into the record books livi
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5:43 pm
the call of the wild sends three deer on a rampage. a cute little dog saves a family. and a man is trying to break a world record by living with 400 spiders. all stories that make you say what? we begin with the deer. take a look. a bus chase ad doe and her fawn into a wegman's grocery store in buffalo, new york. one of the deer had an employee on the run as well. three deer rampaged through the store before breaking a window and running away. the stores closed today for repairs. a couple's decision to dog sit for a friend may ha saved their lives. they were asleep in their new jersey home when a hair brush that they left in a pot on the
5:44 pm
stove, you go figure that one out. it smoelderedand fille the house with black smoke. the alarms didn't go off but the little dog named bandit who was staying with them jumped on the homeowner's chest until she woke up ll she got her family and little bandit out of the house. he has a cute little house. here's a story with some leg. eight of them. an australian man is tryingto break a world record by, get this, living with 400 spiders in the front of his store for three week. some of th spieders are poisonous, some are deadly. he said he is not afraid of being bitten. it is not just the record. he is raising money for a children's charity. >> maybe he's single! we'll be back at fed-ex field.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
the redskins take on the eagles in about 2 1/2 hours from now. all bundled up. >> hey! wouldn't you know, we're not actually talking about the game. we're going to talk about the stories actually bigger than the game. and thing really have changed in the last hour and a half or so. we're talking about the donovan mcnabb controversy. and it had 15 days to simmer. it simmering no more bause he has sign a new contract. a five-year, $78 million contract with the redskins.
5:48 pm
i can tell you this. it ain't to be x grossman's back-up. >> no, it's not. $40 million is guaranteed. this is a very good thing for mcnabb. this could be a very expensive band-aid for the redskins in the long haul. certainly this is surprising to a lot of people considering the events that have transpired in the lot of 15 days. donovan mcnabb asking the big questions. he would be signed to a contract extensn? he's brought a sense of leadership. the contract timing of this is really questionable because of the recent bench chg indicated a lack of confidence. mike shanahan said he he would explain better if he could but the benching issue is in the past. >> donovan has done a good job this week. getting ready to play. a lot of distractions. we've foug through it as a group and we're ready to go on. sometime as i've said, you make decisions. you feel in the best interests
5:49 pm
of your team. not always right. you go with your gut and you go. on hopefully he'll play better in the second half of the season. >> he's great. he gets ready for the next day. >> kind of shocking to see somebody else go through what i've been going through for years. al a story blown out of proportion. somebody making the story bigger than iis. what happened with donovan, it was simple. i think in the locker room, i mean, fortten about and everybody go out to practice, ready to move on. with donovan as the quarterback. >> clinton portis talking about the benching. the last time he was benched in 2008 when he played for the eagles, he came back to throw ur touchdowns passes in the next game. >> clearly motivated. this isn't something that just happens overnight.
5:50 pm
smith, donovan's agent, has been talking about it since he came to washington from the philadelphia eagles. his number though, very poor this year. he's the 28th rate quarterback in the nfl. keep in ne, there are just 32 teams in the league. he's had a long time to think about that benching. a bye week and then a monday nightgame. that's 15 days since the redskins last played. these guys are anxious to get back on the field. >> i'm sure people will be watching this game. the thing about it, it doesn't matter who you play. you get in the situation and you know, i think when you come off a bye week, everyone wants to know how we'll respond to start out the second half othe season. for us, we recognize how we played in the first eight. and what we need to do. >>they both have the perks. go out andake up and go play and you don't have to sit around
5:51 pm
with all the anxiety building up will monday night, the whole country is watching. friends and family, everyone is tuning in to see what you're made of. >> everybody likes monday night. especially if they can find a way to get their second win against the eagles. >> he go turning to gold for donovan mcnabb since he came from philly. maybe the same for our weatherman. >> thank you for including me in this. one thing i have to say, see if you can let me in next time. i thinit will be a tough thing for them based on the field conditions. a little on the wet side. dew points are high. therefore the grass is fairly slick. the temperatures today, cool and cloudy. it does not feel like 53 degrees. it is cool out here. the rain is on the way. rain to the south and west it should be here by maybe 11:00. for the people leaving the game,
5:52 pm
after a win, we mighbe seeing the rain. dew points high means a wet field. >> i love talking dew points during sports and weather. >> somebody just delivered your mittens, by the way. >> thank goodness! a 10% discount for opening a store credit card may seem like a good idea when you're trying to get the most out of every dollar. >> experts are warning about giving into temptation at the recommending sister. >> the offer usually come when you're about to pay. would you like the get a one-time discount simply by applying for a store credit card? >> usually i just take it and i wait the whole month and then i try to pay it off. i don't want any more bills. >> one credit card. and one store card. that's it. i don't like being enticed by those offers. >> i haven't had a store credit card in 30 years. >> reporter: still, when time
5:53 pm
are rough, a store credi card offer can be a temptaon. >> it is tempting but at the same time, i would take a second to think about it. the interest rate will -- >> whe you're checking out, they won't necessarily hand you the fine print. it something you cansk for. >> reporter: he said store crit cards are not all bad. it depends how you use them. >> there is a cost to your credit score of openingnother account. you want to be aware of what that will do. if you're getting ready to pay $800 for a washing machine, then 10% off, 20% off will make a big difference. >> reporter: thetores offer them because they think they'll make money off you. the longer you take to pay them off, the more money you make. >> if you have a tendency to not pay your balances off or let those lapse, they will make money off you. >> reporter: the key to the credit card discounts is to quickly pay them off. >> 10 or 20% off that large ticket. then you turn around and pay it before it is even due, you've
5:54 pm
gotten their 20% sweetener offer and you have not paid them that money. >> there is still the tendency of ending up in deeper de. we've the promised discounts, sometimeit is smarter to say no. >> when i get to the register, if i don't have the money in my pocket, i don't need it. ha
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
studies on workplace stress have ually focused on men but this study focused on women. >> reporter: the fast track can over time take its toll. new research in women finds a high stress demanding job with little to no growth potential can raise the rick of heart proble including heart attack, stroke, even early death by 40%. similar links have been shown previously in men. >> women occupy 50% of the work force. and there is very little long term research looking at job stra and cardiovascular disease ri in women. >> reporter: dr. michelle albert at brigham hospital led the study which followed prarily
5:58 pm
white female medical health professionals like docrs and nurses for a decade. dr. albert says managing stress appropriately could help. first figure out how to work some exercise into your schedule to benefits of physical activity on the heart have long been proven. second, boost your social support stem. >> whether it be through family or friends, to talk about what's going on. atour job. >> reporter: dr. albert suggest her fellow doctors take note. not only for their own health but also for their patient. >> i don't theally ask my patient, i haven't been typically train to ask my patients about their other stressors in their life. >> reporter: it may be a longer healthier life if some of those typical work demands can be left at the office. nbc news. the study also showed work-relat stress, coupled with the fear of being laid off, was associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. >> so learn to relax. that's it for news4 at 5:00.
5:59 pm
news4 at 6:00 starts right now. the monday night match-up against the eagle, donovan mcnabb has sigd a $78 million contract. more charges have been dropped against the man accused of murdeng chandra levy. ja johnson is accused by prosecutors in taking part in a pay to play real estate bribery scandal but he is back at work getting a lot of support. >> a lot of, thousands of calls from citizens and all the church people. they called and said they're praying for us. we begin with the report that some police officers have been charged in another round of fbi raids in prince george's county. good evening. >> federal authorities have charged nine people


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